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Young People


This section of the website is for young people under the age of 18 so that you can find information and resources that relate to you.

Our doctors and nurses will listen to you and take your 

Talk to Us

concerns seriously.sometimes, young people

 can find it more difficult than adults to talk about the underlying problem and the reason for seeing a GP.



As a young person, you can be seen on your own, with no lower age limit. Our reception staff can make an appointment for you to see a GP without a parent if you would prefer to.



If you come with a parent/carer/friend, you can still be seen on your own for part of the consultation while they wait outside.



Most young people are registered by their family with the same GP as their family but you can register with a GP yourself if you would like to. You won't be denied registration and the care you need because you don't have correct documentation or proof of address.




To find out more about your rights, consent and confidentiality within the nhs, click on the leaflets below:


                     Youth Confidentiality Leaflet      Youth Consent Leaflet     Youth Feedback Leaflet     Youth Leaflet    

Audio: Confidentiality  Consent  Feedback


(click on the word links for audio readings of the above leaflets)





We want to work with young people to get your view of the waiting room and get suggestions to make it less intimidating and more welcoming for your age group. Some people would rather wait outside if they find the waiting room stressful. Can we make this any easier for you?


Remember, you are more than welcome to join our patient representative group. Your voice is important and we want you to feel you can contribute. Visit our Patient Reference Group page for more info.


Please also let us know what you think of this page.


What is helpful?

What is unhelpful?

What would you like to see more of?

Less of?

Can we be clearer?

Is something missing?


Are there any useful services or websites that you have used and would like to share with others?


You can write, call or email us using the details at the top of the page. Or you can use our feedback form on this website.



Useful Links:


My Health london - Your Health and Care Services for youn people in London


Sexual Health  NHS Choices page with information on sex and sexual health


Gender Dysphoria - NHS information, advice and links relating to gender dysphoria

Gay HealthInformation about health issues that affect you if you're gay, lesbian or bisexual with practical advice on how to stay in good health.


Scope - Advice and information for young people living with a disability


NDCS - National Deaf Children's Society


B-eat - Beating Eating Disorders support and advice


Young Minds - Young people's mental health and wellbeing


Mind - Mental Health support for children and Young People


CAMHS - NHS Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service

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